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The International Council for Small Businesses is preparing for our two-week Youth Academy! This is an incredible opportunity for high school juniors and seniors, during which they will experience perspective-shifting and changing presentations and activities. As entrepreneurs, we understand the value of the self. That is why this program teaches students ways in which they represent and embody their brand and company (you, Inc.). By investing in yourself, this academy will help students to begin preparing themselves for their futures ahead, which has never been more pertinent.

During such an unparalleled time, we will invite you to our understanding of and expectations for this new normal. The program works on a three-part model, known as “the 3 Ss.” Within this framework, you will discover world Systems, your Skills, and yourSelf. Systems include those national and international organizations that uphold all of our current world relations and markets. These include, but are not exclusive to, the United Nations, the International Labour Organization, the World Bank Group, and the World Health Organization. Next, we will help you discover your skills, which will be heavily demanded in this new world of work. You will also learn the ways in which you can optimize your skills and build your portfolio. The last and innermost element is the Self. By learning how to become more proximate with your strengths and weaknesses, you will be able to promote yourself and your work even more than you imagined.

Entrepreneurship training is not restrained solely for entrepreneurs. Rather, entrepreneurship training introduces an innovative and important way of seeing the world through eyes of opportunity. This structural positivity will help you succeed in any and every space that your future life involves. In participating in a renowned, international program, you will begin your entrepreneurial journey by opening up to one of the many opportunities that are awaiting you!

July 12th – 23rd, 2020



  1. Introduction to Entrepreneurship,  Innovation, Creativity
  2.  You Inc.
  3. Finance
  4. Social Entrepreneurship/ Family Business
  5. Pitch Preparation
  6. Entrepreneurship in an Everyday Context
  7. Robocop (Coding), Successful Young Entrepreneurs
  8. College Prep


Student (Non-Developing Country): $159

Student (Developing Country): $99 (please see DC Approved List)