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CEEC Entrepreneurship and the Arts

Payment must be made in USD and can be made via Stripe.

  • If you require an invoice for the payment, please contact the Registration Office (info@icsb.org).
  • A payment receipt can be downloaded through your registration via Stripe.
  • Your access to the LMS system will before 12 months upon completion of the first three modules.
  • No refunds provided upon completion of Module one.
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The intersections between the work of the artist and the entrepreneur are numerous, but too rarely are connections between the skills and mindsets nurtured by these disciplines intentionally made. This is beginning to change as having an entrepreneurial mindset is  recognized as an asset to navigating a career in the arts, while artistic skills such as creativity, collaboration, and empathy are likewise recognized as key to good business. For too long, students of the performing and visual arts have been left to their own devices without a framework or toolkit for stewarding their careers, but addressing this shortcoming is necessary for strengthening the arts and culture sector.  This half-day certificate program is for artists, entrepreneurs, educators, or anyone in between who desires to gain an understanding of the connection between art and entrepreneurship.  

Individual: $499 (includes a ticket to the California Entrepreneurship Educators Conference)
Student:   $199  (includes a ticket to the California Entrepreneurship Educators Conference)
Developing Country: $199 (includes a ticket to the California Entrepreneurship Educators Conference) please see DC Approved List

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