Certificate in Social Entrepreneurship

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ICSB GLOBAL is excited to announce the new cohort of the ICSB Global Certificate Program in Social Entrepreneurship!

With global and national supply chain disruption, we need to decide how best to progress as entrepreneurs and supporters of micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs). Acting locally is no longer an option, but rather it is the foundation of our new normal. In harnessing regional support, however, we need to center our entrepreneurial activities socially. Socially and humanely-focused entrepreneurship is our only option to continue doing the necessary work to create a flourishing new normal post-COVID-19.

This Global Certificate program will not only set you ahead because of its internationally renowned standing but more so as it will prepare you to engage with the inequalities in your local community from a global perspective. As globalization has evolved to its COVID-19 form, it feels that we are now more connected than ever. Let us utilize this power of togetherness to learn best practices from the leading entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship researchers around the world while gaining the real skills to establish these social entrepreneurial ideas in our communities.

Are you an individual, entrepreneur, entrepreneurial group, start-up? Are you interested in creating, funding, and implementing solutions to social, environmental, and cultural issues in your community?

If you answered yes to either of the questions above, then you must register for the ICSB Global Social Entrepreneurship Certificate (ICSB Global SE). There are only 25 spots available for those looking to advance their entrepreneurial knowledge and skills and learn from the most creative and innovative minds in the industry.

Support your current or future career by adding the ICSB Global SE certificate to your repertoire of entrepreneurship training. The global movement towards social distancing and shelter-in-place activities has slowed down the typical pace of business ventures. Take this moment to set yourself up for success by participating in this training from June 17th to 19th. A sample module is available for review on youtube (click here).

  •  Module 1: Introduction to Global Social Entrepreneurship
    • This module compares social entrepreneurship with traditional entrepreneurship, outlines the basic concepts of social entrepreneurship, and summarizes social entrepreneurship concepts. An overview of new organizational options for social ventures and understanding how for-profit ventures can accomplish social good.
  • Module 2: Global Challenges and the UN Sustainable Development Goals
    • This module examines the major components of sustainable development. It looks at the most important topics for MSMEs while exemplifying the positive effects they can have on world economies. Participants will explore detailed challenges that MSMEs face in the current global climate.
  • Module 3: Innovation and Opportunity Recognition for Social Enterprises
    • This module applies innovation and creativity to social enterprises. This process will concentrate on transitioning from problems to solutions with empathy, and effectuation will be explored in depth. This module delves into the diffusion of innovation and social change, highlighting scenarios when innovation often is left unadopted.

Modules 4-10 will be available on our SAP Learning Management System.

Individual: $750 (includes a 1-year membership to ICSB)
Student:   $400 (includes a 1-year membership to ICSB)
Developing Country: $400 (includes a 1-year membership to ICSB) please see DC Approved List

Please watch the ICSB Global video on Social Entrepreneurship (click here).

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