ICSB Global Entrepreneurial Finance Certificate

Dates of Certificate Program:
4/14/2021 – 1 PM to 4:00 PM EDT

ICSB GLOBAL is excited to announce the ICSB Global Certificate Program in  Entrepreneurial Finance, offered at the California Entrepreneurship Educators Conference!

Are you an individual, entrepreneur, start-up or small business owner? Are you interested in
creating and implementing financial solutions in your business? Are you ready to assess your
business risk exposures and develop the optimal capital structure? COVID-19 has accelerated
the necessity of having reliable digital solutions for conducting business operations and
accessing funding. Are you interested in understanding the alternative funding options and
rapidly developing FinTech, Blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence?
If you answered yes to either of the questions above, then you must register for the ICSB
Global Entrepreneurial Finance Certificate (ICSB Global EF). There are limited spots
available for those looking to advance their entrepreneurial finance knowledge and skills and
learn from the experts in the industry. Support your current or future career by adding the
ICSB Global EF certificate to your repertoire of entrepreneurship training.
ICSB Global EF certificate requires you to complete three (3) mandatory modules online
followed by two (2) elective modules from the many provided.


Module 1: Introduction to Entrepreneurial Finance

4/14/2020 – 1 PM to 2:00 PM EDT

In this introductory webinar, you will be introduced to the exciting process of identifying, assessing and implementing fundamental financial decisions for your business. Online 90-minute session.

Module 2: Financial Statements, Tools and Budgets

4/14/2021 – 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM EDT

In this module, we will discuss the necessity of adopting a financial structured discovery process for start-ups and SMEs. We will go through an overview and interpretation of the financial statement analysis tools and, then, dive into the budgeting process. We will provide
you with dedicated worksheets and multiple examples in order to make sure that you are fully prepared to follow all the calculation steps. Online 90-minute session.

Module 3: Business Decisions and Time Value of Money

4/14/2021 – 3 PM to 4:00 PM EDT

Throughout this module, you will be presented with a systematic time value of money evaluation and calculation process that allows owner-managers to assess and compare varied sets of investment and growth options. Applying dedicated worksheets, we will show
multiple examples and explain how ventures can implement business decisions by applying the time value of money principles aligned with strategic goals. Online 90-minute session.

Dr Mariya Yesseleva-Pionka

Module 4: Risk Analysis


This module discusses the processes that can be adapted for assessing business-specific risk and overall exposure to the market risk. Then we will consider different formats of application in micro, small and medium enterprises and present a wealth of supporting materials for entrepreneurs and MSME owner-managers.

Module 5: Sources of Debt Financing


Access to funding is fundamental for every business. MSME owner-managers who are better equipped with knowledge and understanding of external financing options do have an advantage. We will review, analyse and compare sources of debt financing provided by the traditional banks/financial institutions and non-bank lenders.

Module 6: Sources of Equity Financing


Any business requires easy access to affordable capital in order to bring innovative ideas to live, continue and expand business operations or prop up business operations. In this module, we will explore, evaluate and compare equity sources of funding such as angel financing, venture capital, crowdfunding, public share offers and other sources.

Module 7: Business Capital Structure


In this module, we will discuss the optimal capital structure. Every owner-manager needs to identify the mix of debt and equity financing that leads to the lower cost of funding for business operations with the ultimate goal of maximising the overall value of the business.

Module 8: Alternative Finance Landscape


Enlarging the scope of coverage of the debt and equity funding options in this module, you will be introduced to the alternative finance providers-FinTechs, NeoBanks and BigTechs.


Dr. Mariya Yesseleva-Pionka, PhD

Dr. Mariya Yesseleva-Pionka, PhD

Senior Lecturer in Finance at the Australian National Institute of Management and Commerce

Dr Mariya Yesseleva-Pionka is Global Certificates Manager at ICSB, a Higher Degree by Research Supervisor at Excelsia College and Adjunct Academic at the University of Technology  Sydney, Australia. Dr Yesseleva-Pionka held teaching and senior academic management positions in Central Asia (Kazakhstan) and Australia. She specialised in general investments, personal and corporate superannuation investments while working for Westpac Banking Corporation and BT Financial Group in Australia. She was invited to join The Housing Connection, a not-for-profit organisation in Sydney, Australia as Treasurer and Board Member from November 2019. Her research interests include entrepreneurial finance, traditional and alternative ways to finance small and medium enterprises (SMEs), corporate finance, policies for the small business sector, innovation and SMEs, FinTechs and Blockchain. Dr Yesseleva-Pionka is the Associate Editor for the Journal of the International Council for Small Business (JICSB).