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Call for Cohort Two (New York, May 10-11) and Cohort Three (Taiwan June 26-29)


ICSB, founded in 1955, is very proud to announce the launch of the ICSB Global Certificate Program in Social Entrepreneurship now being offered in-person or online using the latest online Learning Management System (LMS). For over two years, ICSB has been preparing the best content from its worldwide experts to develop a comprehensive and truly global social entrepreneurship certificate program.

The ICSB Global Social Entrepreneurship Program now offers a unique in-person and online educational hybrid instruction model where participants can join in-person at different ICSB events. Alternatively, participants can take all the modules online. Finally, participants can join in-person some session and then complete the remainder online. Please view a sample of an online segment: (click here for sample segment and view our website www.ICSBGLOBAL.org).

ICSB is pleased to announce that you are now able to join one of the two upcoming cohorts:


Cohort 2: New York – May 10-11, 2018
Cohort 3: Taiwan, June 26-29, 2018


Details for Cohort 2: New York – May 10-11, 2018

Available Seats: 15 seats (click here to register)

St. John’s University
101 Astor Place
Located in Manhattan’s East Village
St. John’s University’s Manhattan campus is easily accessible by public and private transportation from anywhere in the region.


Thursday, May 10, 2018: Join ICSB at the United Nations
Location: United Nations, NY.

9:30: Check-in at the United Nations Main Entrance
10:30: Round-table Discussions by Theme
13:30-18:00: Forum for Entrepreneurs and Micro-, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
18:30 – 20:00: Reception (location to be confirmed)

Friday, May 11, 2018, ICSB Global Certificate at St. John’s University – Manhattan Campus
Location: St. John’s University, 101 Astor Place, New York, NY 10003

9:30: Check-in (lunch provided at 12 noon)
10:00: Welcome Remarks from Director, Dr. Tony Mendes and start Module One
12:00: Working Lunch Provided
14:00: Conclusion of Modules One, Two, and Three



 Details for Cohort 3: Taiwan 26-29, 2018

Available Seats: 20 seats (click here to register)

Taipei New Horizon (Main Congress Venue and SE Certificate Venue)
No. 88, Yanchang Rd, Xinyi District
Taipei, Taiwan

9:30: Check-in (lunch provided at 12 noon)
10:00: Welcome Remarks from Director, Dr. Tony Mendes and start Module One
12:00: Working Lunch Provided
14:00: Conclusion of Modules One, Two, and Three

If you register for the ICSB Global Social Entrepreneurship Certificate, ICSB will include, at no additional cost, the registration to the ICSB World Congress to be hosted in Taiwan from June 26 – 29.


If you unable to join either cohort in New York or Taiwan, you will be able to complete the entire certificate online using our state-of-the-art LMS (Learning Management System). Three options are now available for you to complete the ICSB Global Social Entrepreneurship Certificate Program.


Each ICSB Global SE certificate requires you complete three (3) mandatory modules followed by two (2) elective modules from over 14 modules provided. The ICSB Global SE certificate offers an invaluable experience of being able to interact with participants from across the globe and from a variety of backgrounds, experiences, and knowledge. ICSB brings over 60 years of knowledge to this certificate program.


ICSB Global SE certificate is under the leadership of Dr. Tony Mendes, USASBE Past President, and current ICSB Vice President. Dr. Mendes founded the USASBE Social Entrepreneurship certificate program and will now lead the ICSB Global SE certificate.