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As many of us begin our online scholastic years, we are confronted with the very real truth that our new normal is virtual. However, most of the academic entrepreneurship communities have not spent time learning even the basics of effective online instruction. That is why ICSB is introducing a special program with Dr. Norris Kruegar and Dr. Ayman El Tarabishy. Both experts in the fields, having already taught in many online, hybrid, and hyflex settings, these two will welcome 10 educators to join them as they create and develop the first-ever syllabus on Entrepreneurial Ecosystems and Humane Entrepreneurship.

One of the greatest changes for us, educators, is that we are not only changing our own platforms of teaching, but the entrepreneurial ecosystems about which we teach are also changing. ICSB advocates for the incorporation of Humane Entrepreneurship into these ecosystems, so that we can ensure that we build human-focused systems of growth in our world. We see global trends turning towards this focus already, and we feel that it essential for ICSB members to be part of this evolution.

Join us the week of September 7th for a special, limited access webinar series (including 4 webinars) with Drs. Norris Krueger and Ayman El Tarabishy, during which we will be instructing on online learning while constructing the first syllabus on Entrepreneurial Ecosystems and Humane Entrepreneurship.

The program will be run in Google Classroom so that educators will be creating a new syllabus while becoming more proficient with new technology. This special series conjoins content and technology for the future.

Space is limited to 10 educators. Cost is $499 for Educators (with a discount of $200 for those educators living in developing countries). (May be included within purchase of ICSB Resiliency Diploma program) Upon registration, educators will gain access to the ICSB Educator 300 and will earn an annual ICSB Educator membership

Start of Program: September 7th