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The ICSB Global Social Entrepreneurship Certificate will launch at the George Washington University from October 25th-27th. The first module will be presented by Dr. Tony Mendes who is also the ICSB Global Program Director.

Here is a quick peek at module one and what will be covered:

  • Compare Social Entrepreneurship with Traditional Entrepreneurship
  • Outline the basic concepts of Social Entrepreneurship
  • Identify Social Entrepreneurs who have made a difference
  • Understand how for – profit ventures can accomplish social good
  • Overview new organizational options for social ventures
  • Engage in a hypothetical “case study” to illustrate entrepreneurial decision making
  • Summarize Social Entrepreneurship concepts

Click Here To Preview Module One presentation!


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ICSB Global Program Director: Dr. Tony Mendes (email: [email protected])
ICSB Global Program Assistant: Ms. Jordyn Murphy (email: [email protected]) or tel: 202-994-0704
ICSB Executive Director: Dr. Ayman El Tarabishy (email: [email protected]) or tel: 202-468-3133