ICSB Global in partnership with its worldwide affiliates and chapters is proud to offer educators, researchers, social entrepreneurs, students, government officials, and small business owners the opportunity to advance their entrepreneurial knowledge and skills through our new innovative ICSB Global Social Entrepreneurship Certificate (ICSB Global SE).

ICSB Global SE offers a unique in-person and online educational hybrid model of instruction where participants can take in-person SE modules at the international headquarters of ICSB at the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. on October 25th, 26th and 27th (optional if you want to attend the GW Global Entrepreneurship Conference) or at one of our affiliated global partner locations (forthcoming) and then continue taking the remaining SE modules completely online using our new learning platform to be launched January 15th, 2018.

Each ICSB Global SE certificate starts with three (3) in-person modules followed by two (2) online modules where interaction, innovation, and creativity are the core of ICSB SE Global’s curriculum. The ICSB Global SE certificate offers an invaluable experience of being able to interact with participants from across the globe and from a variety of backgrounds, experiences and knowledge. ICSB brings over 60 years of knowledge to this certificate program.

ICSB Global SE certificate is under the leadership of Dr. Tony Mendes, USASBE Past President and current ICSB Vice President. Dr. Mendes founded the USASBE Social Entrepreneurship certificate program and will now lead the ICSB Global SE certificate.

How ICSB Global SE certificate works: Three Easy Steps

Step One:   Join the inaugural cohort at the George Washington University from June 25th to the 26th and complete three (3) modules.
Step Two:   Complete the remaining two modules online starting January 15th, 2018 and ending by June 1st, 2018.
Step Three: Receive your ICSB Certificate by mail or join the graduation ceremony at the ICSB Global Congress in Taiwan (June 26-30th, 2018)