Womenpreneurs Worldwide

Join ICSB in celebrating Womenpreneurs Worldwide as we celebrate International Women’s Day! 

Two ways to celebrate:(details below)

1. Attend live conference on march 8th

2. Become part of the First ever ICSB 24 hour film festival.


Premiere Events

March 8, 2021 – Venue: Everywhere through ZOOM 

GW School of Business: Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership Impact Conference|USA |9:00 a.m - 5:00 p.m. EST

This year on March 8, International Women’s Day, the GW Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership Impact Conference will focus on solutions and, specifically, those created by women. In a unique and challenging time in our world, this conference is about learning HOW women have persevered and succeeded.

From student entrepreneurs to multi-million dollar corporations, women are creating innovative solutions with impact. From managing micro-businesses to directing nations, women are proving their ability to create inclusive solutions with impact. As our world changes from the effects of climate change, political unrest, and poverty, women entrepreneurs are leading the way by exemplifying how we might use innovative tactics to create real and tangible solutions.


Woman of Stature |South Africa |7:00 A.M. EST

Woman of Stature is a proudly South African Training, Networking and Development organisation established in 2013, that has developed an ethos of inclusivity, purposeful intent and professional integrity.

Through the organisation and collaborate effort of all members and strategic partners, we endeavor to play a significant role in supporting women to development their skills and apply these in business.

Cemented in the core values of our business and work flow process is the quest to unify and harness the power of women across the nation, with long-term ambitions that span across the globe.


View Woman of Stature Awards 2020 https://youtu.be/QVwPxQdttLw

Film Director

Charlotte du Plessis

Charlotte is an accomplished entrepreneur with over 40 years of experience in building strategic business relationships and has Speer-headed the formation of life changing programmes.
She is now planning the seventh Woman of Stature Awards in South Africa and the first global Woman of Stature Awards in Dubai in 2021.
The Woman of Stature Awards which has become one of the most prestigious events in the South African calendar recognizes the achievements of women in community and business including an ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ award.

Woman of Stature


FCJE UFRO | Chile | 9:30 AM EST

The video tells a story of four indigenous women, two Māori and two Mapuche, strong indigenous women entrepreneurs and leaders. Many other indigenous and non-indigenous women supported them throughout the project which is summed up in the film. The project was organized by the Faculty of Law and Business of the Universidad de La Frontera, Wallmapu, La Araucanía, Chile. Many local and international organizations sponsored this collective journey which began on in 2018 and continues to this day in an ever-expanding manner.

So, the delegation Te Hononga-ā-Kiwa (Cape Latin America) in September 2019 that was composed for 15 Maori students from different New Zealand universities and two Maori leaders. The Māori delegation arrived in La Araucanía with the purpose of joining 15 Mapuche students and their allies, through a program organized by Universidad de La Frontera and University of Waikato that aimed at leveraging the values and experiences of both cultures to help indigenous businesses of La Araucanía. A total of 30 Māori and Mapuche young people, linked to auditing, accounting, business, administration, law, education and cultural or indigenous studies programs had the opportunity to visit and work with different ventures with the purpose of supporting the best practices of indigenous women in business, and developing new joint (Māori-Mapuche) indigenous business models driven by indigenous values and youth action.

Film Director:

Ieva Zebryte: Ieva Zebryte is an academic at the Faculty of Law and Business (FCJE) of the Universidad de La Frontera (UFRO), Chile. She teaches Entrepreneurship and Development, Emerging Economy MSME Resilience and Sustainability on undergraduate and graduate levels. Her research interests include: Entrepreneurship and Local Development, Entrepreneurship, Small Business and Community Resilience, Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Globalization and its local impacts. Between 2017 and 2020 she served as the Director for Community Engagement of FCJE-UFRO (http://fcje.ufro.cl/). Currently, Ieva Zebryte is a PhD in Management student at the ISM – University of Management and Economics (Lithuania). She holds a Master of Law degree in International and European Community Law from Vilnius University (2005, Lithuania) for which she developed her master’s thesis on the EU’s Emissions Trading System at the Ghent University (Belgium). In 2015 she obtained her Master’s in Local and Regional Human Development at UFRO (Temuco, Chile) by way of thesis focused on entrepreneurial experiences of lifestyle migrants. Finally, in 2016 Ieva obtained a specialty diploma in “Innovation and Territory” from the Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Spain, through the Chilean SUBDERE scholarship.


ASQIT | Pakistan | 10:00 AM EST

ASQIT is a training, consulting, coaching institute, dedicated to providing services to an individual or group of people who are looking for a meaningful, purposeful, productive & healthy life. A revolutionary platform to rediscover your hidden potential, unravel your passion, understand the purpose of life, rekindle your inner strength, and reconnect you with the true, authentic, and absolute values of life.

ASQIT helps to develop the growth mindset in order to transform self, surroundings, and society, framing up the world in a better place to live.  We nurture the soul for a fruitful tomorrow. We offer 360 extensive training, consultancy, and coaching program that effects the essential core of an individual through mindset development, skills building, self-identification (khudi) and a healthy lifestyle.

Our programs help individuals or groups of people in achieving their right potential, finding purpose, improving productivity, enhancing learning ability, developing harmony among mind-body-soul, connecting with a healthy lifestyle, and strengthening physical ability to become a better human being.