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A track for one, a track for all! ICSB releases its upcoming programming schedule.

We are changing our plans to better provide for our members worldwide by offering an array of programs that will hit on any and all of your interests. 

This ICSB event program, called the ICSB Resiliency, involves members who are looking for a formalized way of participating in ICSB programming. This is an incredible way to allow us to hold our members accountable to engage with their continued education and commitment to the evolution of entrepreneurship. We require that each participating member attends 5 webinars, participates in 2 certificate programs, and connects with ICSB on one of our social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and/or LinkedIn). Please see the description of the ICSB Exchange webinars and ICSB Global Certificate programs below.

To build a cohesive community that spans across the entirety of the world is not an easy feat, however, we are challenging ourselves to make ICSB a home for all, no matter their location, every day! Upon completion of this program, members will receive a Diploma indicating that they engaged with high-level training, a Letter of

Achievement from ICSB, an ICSB pin, and a discount code for the ICSB 2021 World Congress in Paris. 

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Dates of Diploma Program: January 6 – May 6th