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ICSB Global Certificate Scholarship

Payment must be made in USD and can be made via Stripe.

  • If you require an invoice for the payment, please contact the Registration Office (info@icsb.org).
  • A payment receipt can be downloaded through your registration via Stripe.
  • Your access to the LMS system will before 12 months upon completion of the first three modules.
  • No refunds provided upon completion of Module one.
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ICSB GLOBAL is excited to announce the brand new opportunity ICSB Global Certificates Scholarships!

Give the gift of knowledge! Purchase a certificate scholarship for a friend, colleague or loved one and have it redeemed for any eligible certificate ICSB Global program of equal or lesser value!

Individual: $750 (includes a 1-year membership to ICSB)
Student:   $400  (includes a 1-year membership to ICSB)
Developing Country: $400 (includes a 1-year membership to ICSB) please see DC Approved List

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Individual, Student, Developing Country